Matt Caldwell


Raised on the outskirts of Dallas in the small town of Nevada, Texas (pop. 854), Matt Caldwell started singing in church at an early age. Matt loved music, but began to focus most of his time around sports. Playing sports year round with baseball, basketball and becoming the starting quarter back for his High School football team. As a senior, Matt made the bold move to drop sports and start his own band. The band called ‘Texas Most Wanted,’ starting playing in small bars across Texas. ” We were too young to go into the bars, but we played in them every weekend and sometimes on week nights, ” Matt remembers.

Within a few months the band was getting offers to play in larger clubs and festivals. Matt and his band toured for a few years in Texas before deciding to move to Nashville to focus on song writing. “My wife and I are both from Texas so it was a huge step for us to pack up everything and head to Nashville”, said Matt. Matt worked odd jobs during his first few years in Nashville. He was trying to learn the music business and still make a living. Matt began cutting and installing granite during the day, and writing songs in the evening. During one of his granite installations, Matt met renowned songwriter Monty Holmes. He began writing some with Monty and others including, Wes Hightower, Trent Willmon and Tommy Karlas. “Being able to write with these guys changed everything for me,” says Matt. “They are some of the best songwriters in the business and being around that kind of talent pushes you to a completely different level,” he added.

Within a few years of juggling his day job and writing, Matt received his first publishing contract and was able to focus on writing songs. Matt made writing songs his priority, but never let go of his desire to begin touring again. After a few years then Matt started to work with the Artist management team of AMP, and released his current EP “What Cowboys Do”. Shortly after that he also joined the docu-reality series Troubadour, TX and returned to his home state of Texas to begin touring again. ”Playing music in Texas is what I’ve always wanted to do,” says Matt. “You have to be willing to live on the road to really make it happen, but there’s really nothing like it.” Matt has been touring since last fall when he opened in College Station for Wade Bowen. He was also a part of the Troubadour, TX radio tour last spring. ”It’s really strange having cameras follow you everywhere. But they always show it the way it is and I love that,” says Matt. Matt plays his own gigs and opens for numerous Texas Artists including Roger Creager, Wade Bowen and Cody Johnson. His latest single, ‘I know Mexico’ continues to do well on the Texas Country Music charts. The film crew of Troubadour, TX was with Matt the afternoon he wrote ‘I Know Mexico’ with Wes Hightower out on Wes’s houseboat just outside of Nashville. Matt says that having a film crew there documenting the writing process was a unique experience and offers viewers a rare look into songwriting.

Matt continues to divide his time between writing and performing, and hopes to be back in studio recording this winter. “Writing and performing is the most amazing job in the world. All of the hard work is worth it when you stand on stage and watch people sing along and enjoy your music. That’s the best,” says Matt.

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