Scooter Brown Band

“When dealing with the stresses of life, some of us find ourselves at the bottom of a bottle. Our new single
“When the Whiskey Starts Talkin” is about how those short moments of pleasure through the indulgence of
alcohol can lead to more problems and stress…” Scott Brown knows a thing or two about stressful
situations. The young frontman of country act Scooter Brown is an Iraq war veteran–having completed one
tour of combat duty as a U.S. Marine. When faced with the daunting decision to either reenlist or pursue
music, Brown chose to trade in his rifle for a guitar and put together a band with some of the best musicians
Texas has to offer.

The band insists that its brand, songwriting and business decision making are all a democracy, not a
dictatorship. Each of the four members—Scott, drummer Matt Bledsoe, lead guitarist Chris Loring, and
bassist Craig Charles act as a pillar, shouldering an equal amount of responsibility and creativity. “We all
collaborate and add our own flavor,” says Bledsoe.

While there’s no doubt Scooter Brown is a country-driven band, nowhere are their varied musical influences
more evident than during a live performance, where not only their gritty, red dirt country musicality shines,
but their crossover rock appeal truly becomes apparent. Loring’s ravenous lead guitar playing somehow also
gracefully dances with Brown’s sometimes-tender-sometimes-guttural vocals, reminiscent of the synergy
between Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. This is then accented and wrapped with thumping bass and
drum. Sell out crowd after sell out crowd have witnessed this magical combination.

The seasoned live band is no stranger to radio success, having had a bonafide radio hit in 2010 with their
catchy and relatable tale of atonement, “Apology.” The song reached #28 in radio airplay. In 2011, Scott cowrote
the Cody Johnson Band scorcher “Texas Kinda Way.” It was the 2nd most played song in Texas on
both TMC & TRRR and was nominated as Song of the Year at the TRRR Awards. The band has supported
the Eli Young Band, Jason Aldean and a dozen other high profile artists in the Country music scene.

Their sheer tenacity and undeniable talent has caught the attention of three industry giants; artist managers
Geoff Perren and Bill Dern, and multiple-Grammy award winning producer Graham Marsh. Between the
three of them, Perren, Dern, and Marsh have worked with music icons such as Bruno Mars, Leona Lewis,
Joss Stone, John Waite, The Temptations, Motley Crue, CeeLo Green, David Bowie, Outkast, New Edition,
Hall & Oates, and more.

Perren came on board after seeing the band play at a local bar where he was instantly impressed and
astonished to find they weren’t already signed. He then invited his longtime friend Dern to co-manage. It
was a second wave of fate that brought Marsh to the table. Perren happened to have a live cd playing quietly
in his car while the two were in Los Angeles together on business. Hearing 5 minutes of Scott’s strong
vocals and standout lyrics, along with the bands tight musicality was all it took to convince Graham to
almost instantly fly to Houston and record the quartet. “When the Whiskey Starts Talking,” is just one of the
gems to spring forth from that fateful recording session.

“It’s a pretty surreal time,” says Brown. “For these guys who work with some of the biggest names in music
to want to throw in with our little band from Texas…it’s a really cool thing for us right now.”

With a red hot batch of singles primed and ready for radio airplay, a killer management and producer team
behind them–and yes, a few bottles of whiskey for good measure–2012 is stacking up to be Scooter
Brown’s year. And no matter what happens from this point on, the band is not taking one moment for

“We’re already living our dream,” says the band. We’ll drink to that!

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